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We Correct Tilting Foundation Walls So You Can Finish Your Basement

If you’re looking for a contractor who can repair your tilting or bowing foundation walls, we at Pier King Foundation Repair are here to help. Our in-house, foundation repair professionals have warranted solutions for making all kinds of foundation repairs, including straightening foundation walls. We provide *FREE, no-obligation Foundation Wall Straightening Estimates throughout Oklahoma and Texas.

What Causes Tilting Basement and Foundation Walls?

The soil around your foundation house can place a great deal of pressure pressure on your basement walls.

This pressure varies based on the types of soil that are present, how much moisture is in the soil, and how far underground your foundation extends.

Other factors, such as hydrostatic pressure, expansive clay soils, frost, improper gutter systems, and poorly graded soils can also contribute to foundation issues.

While there’s constant pressure pushing in on the foundation, there’s no equalizing pressure pushing out! If the outside pressure is greater than the strength of your walls, they will begin to fail. Cracks in the masonry are usually the first sign of wall failure. Then sections of the wall can actually start to buckle, bow, and tilt inwards. 

Left unchecked, this damage will worsen and can even result in walls that totally collapse. The good news is that the foundation damage mentioned above can be repaired using proven, long-lasting techniques that are much more affordable than replacing the foundation.

Estimates are completely free to all home owners

There is a $75.00 fee for all non-home owners who require immediate service. If you do not require immediate service, and are flexible with time, this fee may be waived.

Common Causes of Foundation Problems

Soil type

Many Oklahoma homes were built before soil analysis was routinely performed; clay and sandy soils in particular are prone to expansion, contraction, and shifting


All homes settle over time naturally, but if different parts of your home have sunk or sloped further than others, it’s time to call Pier King


If your home site was improperly graded or it sits at the bottom of a hill, foundation problems could develop as a result of gradual soil and debris accumulation, flash floods, or erosion

Poor Drainage

If your home never had gutters, or sits on a hard soil bed, water accumulating around your foundation will eventually cause it to swell, shrink, or crack 

Plumbing Leaks

Even the smallest, slowest water leak from an underground pipe can cause extensive foundation problems 

Poor Construction

While most Oklahoma contractors are careful to build to code, some still take shortcuts resulting in foundation damage

Pier King has you covered!

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Hoss Durrett
Hoss Durrett
The crew showed up and knocked out a two day job in just one day. That saved my wife and I a couple thousand dollars. Having a company give you a quote and do the job for less instead of more was a welcomed experience! Use these guys for every possible occasion! Great job and thank you 🙏🏼
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Contacted PierKing to look at two leveling jobs, one at the lake and the second for a roof support which has to be raised at our condo in Tulsa. They finishefd the lake job, leveling my entire house and rasing the concrete front porch, before I could make arrangements with the condo homeowners board to get that job scheduled. I am extremely satisfied with the job they did at the lake and with the crew that did the job. They were very hard working, respectful of my property, and very professional. I can tell you that I recommend PierKing with no reservations at all. Mike Smith
Jim Parker
Jim Parker
Wayne was great to work with
Tiffany Zoller
Tiffany Zoller
Alisha Ruvalcaba
Alisha Ruvalcaba
Excellent Customer Service. They didn't just come out and look at the problem area. They inspected our entire home, found other issues. We had no idea the center of our master bedroom/bathroom was sinking?! But, that explains why the bathroom doors wont shut any longer. THANK YOU for fully inspecting. Their quote was professionally done with a diagram of our home and was submitted to us quickly. Also, it was the best quote and the most professional and we are blown away. They're highly recommend in our eyes, especially since, we're in Bartlesville and they had no problem coming up. We have not had the work done yet, but I was told it can be done in 2 days - music to our ears! The other quotes wanted double that time and rip wanted to rip out half our back patio.
Carole Gonzalez
Carole Gonzalez
Robert and the crew of workers were very professional and very kind.
Randy Cochran
Randy Cochran
Very friendly and professional

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